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Sundays 6 PM CET



California native  and country music singer DAVE BERNAL (Just Dave Band) had heard stories of a vibrant music scene, with classic venues, clothing, and camaraderie among musicians and artists that existed in Los Angeles. Years later, as country music moved into the mainstream, the scene shifted back to cities like Nashville and Austin. Los Angeles and California seemed out of the discussion. What happened . What could be done to get it back to the so-called glory days. The California Country Podcast was created in 2014 when Dave recruited  his friend, outlaw country artist Casey Cannon (29 Mules) to co-host and pick out some cool tunes. It became a fun on again, off again hobby that lasted a few years before life took over as it often does. In 2018, dave submitted an old copy of The California Country Show to a newly  formed public radio station in Long Beach and in 2019, the show was back in a weekly times lot. Dave Bernal's vision to share the spirit of California with the world has now turned into a syndicated 2-hour radio show, abi-monthly interview podcast and producing the side-stages of major music festivals, all forged from friendships made in music and word of mouth. Grassroots radio to the core. Standby for greatness, y'all !



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Fridays 9 AM CET



Véronique grew up in the Thetford Mines region in Canada and from an early age, she was rocked by country music. Rightly recognized as one of the most dynamic artisans in the business, she participated in Canadian TV shows "Pour l'Amour du Country" ARTV with Patrick Norman, "Via Country" with Viateur Caron and at the helm of her own show " En Route Vers Ouest "broadcasted throughout the province for a 10th season on MATV (TVso). Véronique also hosts this show on nearly 40 radio stations, knowing her warm audience, passionate about country. Equally at ease in front of the studio microphone and the stage microphone, VERONIQUE LABBE pursues a career as a prolific songwriter punctuated by great moments such as the 1st part of Travis Tritt in 2013,(The dream of her life) her compatriot Terri Clark or Sheryl Crow. In November 2016, she was nominated 7 times at the Culture Country Gala and won the award for radio show of the year.


French Canadian Country on EAGLE COUNTRY RADIO...


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Tuesdays 7 PM CET




Michael Park is a Scottish broadcaster who moved to America over a decade ago. Since then, he has contributed to radio stations all over the UK and written cover stories, interviews and features for numerous British newspapers and magazines, including the award-winning Sunday Times Magazine. He has tried to "escape" from Alcatraz by swimming from the former prison to San Francisco, been heli-biking in Canada, to a prison rodeo in Louisiana, interviewed countless celebrities and sailed across the North Atlantic in winter. He currently lives in Brooklyn with his family.

He conceived and created The International Americana Music Show as a way of introducing Americana artists from all over the world to radio audiences all over the world.


Great Americana Music you may never have heard before...


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Quote of The Deejay : Do your work with your heart and you will succeed !



Wednesdays 2 PM CET



During a stay in Austin, Texas, PENNY JO PULLUS found her musical ideal. Singer songwriter with an independent spirit, she does not like being put on a label that is much too reductive for her taste. Penny Joe grew up with an AM Radio taped to her ear. Sensual or surly, she has a voice that can both caress you or slap you. A spokeperson for women in independent American music, she founded TEXCHROMOSOME, an association that sponsors festivals of women's writing and which is available on radio broadcast.



TEXCHROMOSOME RADIO :  Where The Ladies are driving The Bus !



The finest in Independent Feminine Americana music scene...


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Fridays 7 PM CET



Professional musician for over 40 years, RANDY "Tex" HILL has shared the stage with country and Texas swing legends: George Strait, Johnny Rodriguez, pedal steel specialist Jimmy Day, The Texas Tornados and Bobby Flores...

Leader of the western swing group THE OREGON VALLEY BOYS, Tex has also produced and presented 2 shows broadcasted in the United States: The Roadhouse Revival Radio Show and The Lone Star Revival Radio Show.

In 2016, he was recognized DJ of the year by the Cowtown Western Music Society of Forth Worth, Tx.
In 2015, TEX HILL was among the top 10 Deejays according to the Academy of Western Artists.
In 2014, he was inducted into the NorthWestern Swing Music Hall of Fame in Auburn, Washington.


The best Western And Texas Swing, this side of The Pecos River !


Get your dancin' boots on...


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Thursdays 6 PM CET



Some of The Songs That Time Forgot ! This is the motto of RADIO REHAB, the show presented by DANA WILLIAMS from the multi-platinum group DIAMOND RIO. Every week for 2 hours, Dana revisits country music and shares the behind-the-scenes secrets of hits and stars. Interviews, original demos and collectors in an atmosphere of joy and good humor. You will hear songs and artists that you have loved and perhaps forgotten: a soundtrack rich in memories drawn from his personal record collection.

Growing up north of Music City, Dana Williams was exposed to Country and Bluegrass at a young age. Coming from a musical family, his uncles are the famous OSBORNE BROTHERS of international renown. At the end of the 80s, he became the bassist of the group Diamond Rio.


We play nothin' but the good stuff...


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Mondays 9 PM CET



The very Best in new, current and vintage Bluegrass punctuated by relevant anecdotes and captivating star interviews.

The show is hosted by TERRY HERD, founder of BLUEGRASS RADIO NETWORK, also at the origin of the site www.bluegrasstoday.com , daily magazine on the net conveying the latest news from the planet Bluegrass as well as the Bluegrass Weekly Airplay Chart.

Created 27 years ago, INTO THE BLUE is broadcast on more than 140 commercial stations in North America and now in Europe thanks to EAGLE COUNTRY RADIO.
TERRY has been awarded 4 times IBMA Broadcaster of the Year.

INTO THE BLUE is a favorite destination for all Bluegrass lovers, little chatter and above all beautiful music with pure vocals and stringed instruments.


Travel To The Land of Bluegrass...


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Quote of The Deejay : Two  roads diverged in a wood and I took the One Less Traveled...  






Wednesdays 7 PM CET




From FORT WORTH near Dallas, CHUCK TAYLOR has presented this Texan Hit Parade with mastery since June 2002. Over the years, he has worked for KTFS-AM Texarkana, TX, KJLO-FM Monroe, LA and KIXB / KISQ / KELD El Dorado , AR to name just a few radio stations. Currently, he serves as program director and Deejay of the "All Star Morning Show" on KHYI 95-3 FM. CHUCK is recognized for its interviews with the biggest names in Made in Texas music.

In the summer of 2002, he came up with the idea of supporting independent artists who he felt were not getting enough credit for the good music they were recording. He then launched the TEXAS 25 which would become THE OFFICIAL TEXAS COUNTDOWN. At the time no one believed the show would last longer than a year because "Nobody really cared about Texas Music, it was a fad!"

"My purpose in life is to help others. No one was doing anything to really encourage these talented artists and expose them to the national stage and I thought if I could give them a boost, maybe others would see in their music what I see: a real passion, not to write a song because it corresponds to a formula but to write a song from personal experience or someone of your entourage has lived such a situation or something similar . Music from Texas is real and that's why I enjoy it so much. " Now broadcast on our antenna, the show becomes international and we are proud to broadcast a high level broadcast.

CHUCK TAYLOR received the "Best Promotion of the Year" and "DJ of the Year" awards in 2008.


Texas loud and proud : The weekly TOP 20 songs in Texas Music...

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Quote of The Deejay : Keep yer carcass above the snakes !  



Sundays 3 PM CET



Join CHUCKAROO THE BUCKAROO, his horse Jericho and his herding dog Bandit for a fantastic ride on the trails of The West listening to the sound of the most beautiful Western melodies.
Presented since 2005 by CHARLEY ENGEL (Chuckaroo The Buckaroo) from the BEND region in Oregon, the show takes you to the wild and magnificent landscapes of the American West to meet its colorful inhabitants. Songs, stories, poems from real westerners: Cowboys, players, explorers, freed slaves, Mexican vaqueros, railway workers, Native Americans, preachers, outlaws, sherifs ...

Chuckaroo (CTB) takes you to meet them on an epic horse ride  every week while dealing with a wide range of subjects illustrated by western music: Western swing, Cowboy music, Folk, Acoustic, Old Time Music, Blues, Jazz, Soundtrack of films, Rock, Americana ... all served with brio .

CHUCKAROO was named one of the Top 5 Western Specialist Deejays in 2012 by the Academy of Western Artists.

EAGLE COUNTRY RADIO is delighted to broadcast a program of quality and musical diversity.


 The show that celebrates the Wester Way of Life...



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Tuesdays 3 PM CET - Thursdays 7 AM CET - Fridays 2 AM CET - Saturdays 6 PM CET



Freedom and Wild open spaces, Country music in its purest form: this is the concept of PALOMINO presented by CHRISSIE HARPER who invites you to discover or re-discover the most beautiful voices, the most beautiful ballads, the most beautiful melodies on a journey through the heart of country America punctuated by musical anecdotes.

Highlight of the show is the  interactivity with The Listeners TOP 3.

Fascinated at an early age by the world of off shore pirate radios and passionate about music in the broadest sense of the term, Chrissie is a genuine walking  jukebox where country, rock, oldies, disco, funk, pop, folk and variety come together.

She loves to share her current or retro musical favorites, meet the creators (musicians and singers) and has a keen ear for musical programming and radio jingles.


The Best Country Music Venue on  EAGLE COUNTRY RADIO...