A country-flavored ballad conjures  a new era of lost promise with warmth and melancholy. It's a nostalgic but timely sound, and not just for its supreme mellowness. Generating maximum warmth at the dolorous bottom of his register, SPRINGSTEEN recalls some of his singing on "Nebraska" but with zen melancholy in place of raw desperation. It suggests a loss of innocence with the broadest of broad-stroken metaphors : lonely towns, empty roads, walking shoes, pain, rain, sunshine and also surviving that loss. Good Value ! www.brucespringsteen.net


PAUL BOGART :  When The Cowboys Are Gone

Not only is PAUL BOGART a great singer songwriter, He's a real cowboy. When he sings a song about it, he's lived it. Though his songs are fresh and he himself is young, Paul is an old soul with a knack for capturing time-honored traditions and summing up classic sentiments in catchy, three-minute songs. Exuding sincerity and a rare, down-to-earth charm, he is simply put the epitone of traditional country music. "When The Cowboys Are Gone" is an ode to the Midwest and the cowboy way of life. Paul Bogart brings the art of Country & Western music into 2019 ! www.paulbogart.com


HOLLY TUCKER : Country Music Won't Let Me

We've all had our hearts shattered a time or two. Some of those experiences leave such deep scars that simply hearing one sad country song can take you right back to that exact moment. This new power ballad from Texas CMA Female Vocalist of the year HOLLY TUCKER, does exactly that. From the very first thing, longing cry of the steel guitar, this song grabs listeners right by the heart. Featuring tender but soaring, heart-wrenching vocals, Tucker also exposes her true vulnerability and authenticity as an artist by writing her own personal experience with heartbreak into this powerful song. www.hollytucker.com


SARAH HOBBS : Like I Love You

She's the sound of old school traditional country with a little modern rocking twist. SARAH HOBBS is an independent artist from Northeast Texas. She has a strong musical background starting when she was little. Music has been a part of her families life for many generations. She writes her own material and when she sings, you can guarantee its from the heart. Her strong East Texas accent reflects in her singing voice and you have no doubt it is real country music. www.sarahhobbsmusic.com

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CLINT BRADLEY : Lone Lonesome Moon

He has been nominated for both awards in Europe and in The USA due to his  increasing legion of fans both sides of the pond . The last couple of years have seen him out on the road establishing The Clint Bradley Band as truly must see live experience.  Clint's brand new western album "Soul of The West" consists entirely of his own compositions and shows once again his fervor for western. He sings of the Old West and the Contemporary West, of the landscape and the cowboy, of love and pain, of justice and injustice and he calls us to embrace the Liberty Wind coming our way. A Radio Hit Friendly ! www.clintbradley.co.uk


CASEY BAKER : It Was Only Me

A fresh new face on the music scene. She currently resides in Denison, Texas. CASEY BAKER has put her vast life experiences into song on her wonderful debut album "When The Party's All Over". Casey is a talented singer songwriter and dreamer. Her songs and melodies will not only strike the hearts of fans now but hopefully withstand the test of time. She is truly inspired, in fact compelled, by the heart of man in sorrow and in love, as both offer the tools needed to bring people together though music. www.caseybakermusic.com

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Charismatic performance at the last Eurovision Song Contest where he represented Estonia. Swedish by birth, VICTOR CRONE discovered a passion for the guitar at age 12 and sketched in the wake of his first songs. At 18, he was given the incredible opportunity to go to the USA to work with songwriting professionals in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville where he meets DIANE WARREN, The Queen of the Ballad. "Storm" allows him to mix the codes of the country and the current pop. A song with a catchy melody that talks about existential questions, the difficulties of life and how to get out of it all the time. www.facebook.com/victorcronemusic



A waltz about love lost but not forgotten. With their new single "Little Magnolia", THE LONESOME RIVER BAND delivers bluegrass at its high-lonesome best. Written by Adam Wright and Milan Miller, it's a new song that sounds like it was written in the golden age of brother duet style harmonies. www.lonesomeriverband.com 







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