While Texas artists are rapidly influencing country music on a national level and exposing the return to their musical roots, no other artist is showing how true his Texas roots are more than WELDON HENSON. He has been working his way into the musical ranks across the Lone Star State, staying true to the traditions that are Texas country with lyrical tales of heartache, dance halls, open roads, family traditions and hometown lifestyles. The landscape of Texas is evident in each of his performances with his Honky Tonk Frontier band. Weldon 's new album "Texas made Honky Tonk" will restore your faith in country music. Your melody goes where the words take you as Waylon Jennings said . Weldon's songwriting does exactly this.                               A Radio Hit Friendly !  www.weldonhenson.com


BILLY STRINGS : Long Forgotten Dream

No single artist has electrified the Bluegrass scene like BILLY STRINGS. Michigan native, he shows respect for the traditions of Bluegrass but also a fierce desire to push beyond them to make his own music. Singer songwriter guitarist, Billy Strings is quickly gaining attention for his incendiary live performances and imbuing his take on americana and bluegrass with distinctive bursts of psychedelic virtuosity. www.billystrings.com

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GUY PAUL THIBAULT : Save A Cold One For Me

For more than 20 years, GEE PAUL T.BOW has been driven by his passion for music and playing guitar. He was an example of successful on line music sales. An accomplished singer songwriter, his shows are the essence of the heart of the East Canadian coast scene : a song, a story, great music and a laugh or two... all the while his guitar never stops. "Save a Cold One For Me" : A song for lost friends. Gone but never forgotten.  www.guypaulthibault.com

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TODD BARROW : Rain or Shine

Do you want your country music to tell a story? If so, you'l be hooked by this singer songwriter with sincerity that comes from the heart. TODD BARROW has just released his latest single entitled "Rain or Shine", a piece in which we find all his artistic identity. The melody and the lyrics are very persuasive. Thanks to Todd's vocal performances, they create a fine genuine country delivery with a serene feeling and a veiled melancholy sound which everyone can relate to. Born and raised in Dallas, Tx, Todd Barrow is making a name for himself as a country artist to watch ! www.toddbarrowmusic.com


CODY JINKS : Same Kind of Crazy as Me

Cody Jinks is back with his following up to 2018's "Lifers" release. This time, he's releasing 2 different albums a week a part. This is a different strategy from the typical double album release most artists would do with this kind of output. Each record has its own loose lyrical theme. "After The Fire" focuses on the aftermath of events while "The Wanting" focuses on opposites like light vs dark and good vs evil. "Same Kind of Crazy as Me" is going to be the anthem of these two records. A great tune at the crossroads of country and classic rock. www.codyjinks.com


JAMES LANN : Watered Down Whiskey

With his humble spirit, JAMES LANN still has the desire to spread great music with the world. A down-home country boy, James is easy going but fired up with determination and some would say a pure stubborn streak. According to James, music is important because it can pull a person through life's hardships. His philosophy is simple : we only live once, so might as well shoot for the stars. Don't forget your shoes, this cowboy is keeping it country ! www.jameslann.com


BRIANA ADAMS : DanceHalls Are Dead

Her new single is an ode to everyone's hometown  Texas dancehall. The ones that our parents and grandparents danced in. With the sawin' fiddle smooth, pedal steel licks, this tune is a straight up country music masterpiece with a clear nod to that traditional country sound. www.brianaadams.com


HANNAH BETHEL : Rhinestone Rodeo

She received critical acclaim from The Washington Post, Billboard, Music Row, Maverick Magazine and many other major media outlets. "Rhinestone Rodeo" tells the story every musician, whether established or struggling, is all too familiar with. Choosing a life in the music industry is  not easy... that is... if you even choose it. Most would say it chooses you. A rising americana star !  www.hannahbethel.com






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