AARON WATSON : Kiss That Girl Goodbye

This is definitely a boot stomper. It's a rollicking up-tempo monster of a song that grabs hold from the get-go and refuses to let go. What a versatile and accomplished songwriter AARON WATSON actually is. He has that unique ability to span that whole Texas-Tennessee spectrum of sounds and deliver a song dripping in the best bits of both. The natural inheritor to Garth Brooks' country crown, Aaron Watson is doing things independently and his own way and right now he is simply unstoppable. www.aaronwatson.com


MIKE RYAN : Other Side of The Radio

He is unquestionably one of the best vocalists on the Texas Music Scene. His power, his control, his passionate delivery are truly remarkable and he seems to do it all with a smile on his face the entire time. On his brand new single, all set to an up-tempo, steady pace. The first thing you'll notice is the soothing vocals, then the lyrics will tug at your heartstrings. www.mikeryan.com



A newcomer you need to know. "After a Few" is an up-beat song about seeing an old girlfriend at a bar. His voice is pure country. He made his Opry debut at the Ryman Auditorium last December. A Radio Hit Friendly !   www.travisdenning.com


JADE MARIE PATEK : Love's To Blame

She played all over the great state of Texas in venues large and small, rowdy and romantic. From half filled bars to giant festivals with thousands tuned-in. A Texas soulful blend of country, blues and americana. She's a vintage throwback to Lonestar Legends of the past with a modern and youthful twist that garners appeal across the spectrums of age and genre. www.jademariemusic.com


JASON EADY : I Lost My Mind in Carolina

He earned major acclaim for his ahead-of-the curve take on classic country, a bold departure from his earlier excursions into blues-infused americana. Now with his 6th album "I Travel On", the Mississippi-bred singer songwriter merges his distinct sensibilities into a stripped-down roots oriented sound that starkly showcases the gritty elegance of his songwrigting. www.jasoneady.com

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JEFF CLAYBORN : Last Ones To Leave

True country Gentlemen are hard to find. JEFF CLAYBORN  subscribes to a brand of organic country that can't be replaced or altered. A Texas Tumbleweed with down home roots, Jeff sports southern swagger from his signature low brimmed hat to his cowboy boots. www.jeffclayborn.com

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KYLIE FREY : Ain't Enough Beer

This young singer songwriter has a gift of portraying emotion. She can truly make you feel a song and leave you with chills and tears. KYLIE FREY is a cowgirl riding on faith, hope and luck, determined to reach the stars. www.kyliefrey.com


MARIJA DROZE : Listen To Your Heart

She's married to BILLY DROZE, one of Today's Bluegrass finest voice. Born in Lithuania, Marija's musical influences were not typical of a small town girl in that part of the world. Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss and Johnny Cash were her favorites.  A lifelong dream is finally coming true with the release of her solo album.






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