KYLIE RAE HARRIS : Big Ol' Heartache

A song sure to put KYLIE RAE HARRIS right back in the hearts and ears of Texas Red Dirt Country Radio listeners. In her opinion, songs are supposed to have a purpose. she wants her music to move people, speak into their lives and in return, it is good for her soul. www.kylieraeharris.com


BRI BAGWELL :  Cheat on Me

Hook-driven and catchy. It's at once thoughtful and accessible, personal and universal, authentically country. And yet, BRI BAGWELL remains fiercely independent and unfairly obscure, fighting to be heard in a Texas scene where success for women is arguably harder to come by than in Nashville. www.bribagwell.com


THE BARRENS : Something Real

An alternative country group based out of Austin, TX. Originally a duo, they soon evolve into a five piece.  EAGLE Discovery ! www.thebarrensband.com


MADELYN VICTORIA : Right Here With You

Melding classic country framework with a stylish modern pop rock production, "Right Here With You" showcases the talents of MADELYN VICTORIA, a fiery Texan with cratering vocals abilities. The words are subtly delivered in a half-whisper of a vocal that graduadly gets stronger as we progress through the song.   

A Radio Hit Friendly ! www.madelyn-victoria.com


RAY JOHNSTON : Beautiful You

The Ray Johnston Band has built a solid foundation over the years based on melodies and lyrics that always seem on the positive side of life. "Beautiful You" is pure love song co-written by Paul Overstreet, Roger Creager and Matt Boogs. www.rayjohnstonband.com


SALE DELLA TERRA : Un Mondo Che Cambia

Brothers Gian Marco and Giorgio Sale began their musical acitvity in 2007 in their land -Sardinia- before moving to Milan to pursue their dream. In February 2017, SALE DELLA TERRA were born. Their first single "Un Mondo che Cambia" gives their vision of a changing world. Pop Rock Country Made in Italy. www.facebook.com/saledellaterraofficial/


LAUREN ALAINA : Ladies in The 90's

On her latest release, LAUREN ALAINA evokes the biggest stars of the decade in which she was born : "Ladies in The 90's" situating herself in the middle of a decade of female superstars. Along the way, she pays tribute to the women and songs that influenced her. www.laurenalainaofficial.com

EAGLE ♥ !!!



A blend of Honky Tonk, old school Country and a little Rock and Blues. THE BRAD RUSSELL BAND can only be described as RONKY TONK. A blend that'll get ya on your feet ! www.bradrussellband.com







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