ELEVEN HUNDRED SPRINGS : This Mornin' It Was Too Late

There are bands that play country and then there are country bands. Some would say it boils down to authenticity and in this day and age that is increasingly hard to find. But when you drop the needle on an ELEVEN HUNDRED SPRINGS record or find yourself at a show, you'll know you're listening to the real deal. One of the best country americana bands out there today. www.1100springs.com

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Americana duo whose sun-kissed songwriting, fiery guitar and lush vocal harmonies evoke The California coastline. Already a leading light in L.A.'s independent country scene, THE HAWTTHORNS swing for the heartland country-rock fences with "Shakin'" whose brightly-strummed guitars and sunny harmonies channel the warmth of the duo's west coast home. The chorus is pretty irresistible. The Hawtthorns draw you in with hopeful melodies, beautiful harmonies and profond lyrics that are easy to sing. www.thehawtthorns.com

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ROBERT RAY : I Found You

A song that old-school country lovers will enjoy but also different from anything you have heard from ROBERT RAY before. "I Found You" has more of a throwback style of country with an upbeat melody composed of a solid beat, bluesy guitar riffs and even a string section and a saxophone. It tells the story of how finding that one person in life can change your outlook in life and lead you to an eternal life of happiness. Good Value ! www.robertraycountry.com


PARKER McCOLLUM : Pretty Heart

Rising star PARKER McCOLLUM has just dropped his first major label song since signing with MCA Nashville joining artists Vince Gill, Sam Hunt and fellow Texans George Strait and Kacey Musgraves on the roster. What truly makes "Pretty Heart" a stand out is the undeniably palpable post-breakup remorse and regret McCollum expresses in his self-reproach lyrics. www.parkermccollum.com



The lyrics resonate an honest anecdote built around a phrase that encourages women to be independent and strong. Sometimes you encounter a musical artist for a first time and find yourself experiencing a warm sense of déjà vu, not a feeling that you've heard it all before but a feeling that you've reunited with a person you've known for ages, someone with whom you share a connection. That's the vibrant conjured up by CHARLIE SHAFTER, a young singer songwriter with an old soul and a knack for forging a connection with just about anyone who crosses paths with his songs.  www.charlieshafter.com 


CADE FOEHNER : Baby Let's Do This

A 23-year old born and raised in Shelbyville, Texas, CADE FOEHNER recently gained national exposure on American Idol becoming known for his gritty, soulful voice and unparalleled guitar skills. www.cadefoehnermusic.com



Country Rock recording artists from Houston, The trio is fronted by brothers Taylor and Blake POWELL. Perseverence, resilience and life on the road provide the backdrop for a new collection of songs that staggers artfully between timeless arrangements and sharp songcraft showcasing a defiant, evolving band on the rise. www.powellbrothersmusic.com


RONNIE BOWMAN : Matterhorn

The former Lost And Found and Lonesome River Band vocalist was away for awhile after he found success in Nashville as a songwriter. RONNIE BOWMAN earned a great deal of respect not only among bluegrass professionals but also in country music. Both Brooks & Dunn and Kenny Chesney have brought Ronnie Bowman originals to # 1 and Lee Ann Womack also included a song by Ronnie on the multiplatinum selling album "I Hope You Dance". He has seen continued songwriting success with 3 songs recorded by Chris Stapleton. Since re-emerging with the Band of Ruhks in 2015, Ronnie has been cutting the grass on a regular basis. www.ronniebowman.com






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