"America", PAUL MAC BONVIN's latest album,  is a musical journey through the history of The USA. Native Americans, Gettysburg, Omaha Beach, The cotton fields and the Gold rush. The landscape scrolls past and with it images from films. Folk, Bluegrass, Americana, Country Rock, Cajun, Tex Mex, so many styles for a great album. "Sombrero", Paul Mac's favorite song, is a  tune once you heard it will catch your ears. www.paulmacbonvin.com

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DON RIGSBY : These Days I Stand Alone

He has been a major actor in bluegrass music for three decades now. "These Days I Stand Alone", co-written with Billy Droze, is the story of Don's life in song and an announcement of his career as a front man and solo artist. It's a truly thoughtful and engaging song with a powerful and positive message, sung and played beautifully by this veteran grasser. www.facebook.com/DonRigsbyBluegrass  



This Texas Red Dirt Country Crooner is putting smiles on faces and have toes tapping to her music. Don't let the boots and cowboy hat fool you, she may be country but she has that southern rock running through her veins. Her voice is a blend of country, rock, honky tonk and blues. She likes to keep her original music raw and real. That Texas grit ! JANIE BALDERAS is making her way in the Texas music scene sharing her music, fueling her passion, hitting the highways and following her dream. www.janiebalderas.com


TRACY MILLAR : Cowboy's Last Ride

From the first angelic sound of the steel guitar to the first notes seemingly to effortlessly rise up from Tracy, you are transported to the fields of Alberta and shivers start to run down your arms as the song starts to crescendo. Using words as her paint brush, she paints a portrait of love, loss and the beauty of the western way. As you listen you are transcended into ther story of a cowboy's lost love and last ride. www.tracymillar.ca


CRYS MATTHEWS : Prodigal Son

"Changemakers" is light at the end of a dark tunnel. Engaging artist CRYS MATTHEWS, like many of us,  has witnessed the dark side of society and now more than ever, understands her duty in the fight for change. Hope, justice and love are the themes evoked on the album. On "Prodigal Son", The Wild West vibes are strong and you can almost hear the cowboy boots in between the low slung guitar notes. www.crysmatthewsmusic.com

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MIKE RYAN : Jacket on

He's currently charts professionally straddling Tennessee and The Lone Star State. MIKE RYAN turns up the heat with new song "Jacket on". Skillful with a writer's pen and pure entertainment with a guitar, Mike knew he wanted to create a song that went down a slightly different path. The lyrics should focus not only  a breakup but also on the messiness that often surrounds such a split. Fiddler Jenee Fleenor's musical presence turns up the song's swagger. www.mikeryanband.com

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Her music is truly magical and takes the listener to another time and place. Most of the tunes sound like the old classic country but SIERRA FERRELL knows how to bend those genres and in her special artistic flourishes and need to mention that her songwriting abilities are stellar. www.sierraferrellmusic.com

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He is the man behind the songs that saw Australian band INXS sell more than 50 million albums throughout their career. ANDREW FARRISS' new single "Son of A Gun" remains true to the classic wild west inspired country concept of his self-titled album. "Son of a A Gun" is his vision of a tragic tale set in earlier times. It's about a young gunslinging outlaw who thinks he can solve all his problems with a gun, even though his father warned him that the devil lies on both ends of a gun. However, the law eventually tracks him down to a silver mine where his fate is sealed and he winds up in a grave. www.andrewfarriss.com

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