KYLE NIX : Lightning on The Mountain

After years of playing fiddle with the Oklahoma-based country outfit The Turnpike Troubadours, KYLE NIX has emerged with a new role on his debut solo album "Lightning on The Mountain & Other Short Stories". You will hear most of The Troubadours roaring as his backing band on the record but this isn't an uninspired spin-off or half-baked reboot of a good thing. "Lightning on The Mountain" has an identity entirely its own, a western-inspired collection of literary songs which tell stories from Kyle Nix's own history as well as of the many unique characters he may or may not have encountered throughout his years on the road. www.kylenixmusic.com



Have you ever heard of ANNIE OAKLEY ? She is remembered as one of the leading woman of The American West, known for her sharp shooting. "Annie Oakley" is also the title of CASSANDRA SOTOS' debut single. While the international-touring violonist is not putting her fiddle down, she is stepping into the spotlight as a singer songwriter. An Artist to watch ! www.cassandrasotos.com



Raised in the boondocks of Kansas, SAVANNA CHESTNUT is a country music singer-songwriter whose music reflects her roots. Growing up in a small farm town, Savanna developed a love for the sweet, twangy sounds of old school country music and that is exactly what she aims to bring back to the modern country scene. The title track of her third album "Prairie Fire" is all about passion and fire both literally and figuratively. www.savannachestnutcountry.com

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He is no stranger to hard times. He grew up in poverty and spent time living homeless and busking making his way from New Orleans to the subway platforms of New York City. After years of struggle that have forged his authentic temper, CHARLEY CROCKETT shows his ability to paint in plainspoken language about relatable themes through emotive characters that makes his music so enveloping and infectious. "Welcome To The Hard Times" is a bold new record, bending mix of classic country, psychedelic sp‚ghetti western and Rhythm N Blues. www.charleycrockett.com

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JOHN BAUMANN : The Country Doesn't Sound The Same

With a busy past few years, Texas based JOHN BAUMANN has steadily established himself as a promising songwriter within his home state and beyond its borders.  In his new song, "The Country Doesn't Sound The Same", John laments the direction that the world is in and how he feels a darkness settling. In the story behind the song,  he says he used the word "Country" in three different ways. relating to the state of country music, the state of rural America and the state of The USA. For John Baumann, musical, agricultural, political and otherwise, everything about the "country" just doesn't sound the same. www.johnbaumannmusic.com



BILLY DROZE : Waiting Out The Storm

Like most of his tracks, this is one that Billy wrote along with Wayne Burton. The lyrics tell a revealing story of a difficult romance. A melody and a guitar style that combined traditional roots with a modern twist that's all his own. BILLY DROZE is not just a singer and songwriter with a bevy of bluegrass and country recordings under his belt, he's also embraced the work of other artists through RBR Entertainment, his recording label. These days, he gets excited not just about his own music but about helping artists get their footing in the business. Billy Droze definitely lives and breaths for music. A good Value ! www.billydroze.com


RANDALL KING : Hey Cowgirl

Red Dirt Country musicians have been kicking up dust and making quite the name for themselves. Lately, up and comer RANDALL KING, is doing just that. Drawing inspiration from country legends such as George Strait and Merle Haggard, Randall is bringing the traditional country sound back to our stereos. "Hey Cowgirl" is an acceptance song.  You see the girl out on the highway, you tip your hat and watch her fly down the road. For Randall, the beauty of that song is the respect aspect. It's a nod the head, Good Luck, Goodbye. We're on to bigger and better things and we're both right where we need to be. www.randallkingmusic.com

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ASHLEY RAY : Dirty Work

Produced by Sean McConnell, "Dirty Work" is a steamy, sultry and sneering track paying tribute to the tireless housemothers who run their own corners of the world. Pounding drums, swampy guitars that stick to your head. ASHLEY RAY is aware that she has  no beautiful voice made for singing the national anthem. So, she tells stories with her storyteller's voice. She grew up just loving Willie Nelson, Bob Seger, Johnny Cash, Lucinda Williams and Stevie Nicks : people who had grit in their voices. A Must Hear ! www.ashleyray.com







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