TODD BARROW : Point of No Return

Based on a true story about his brother's venture from Texas to California in Orange County just outside of Los Angeles with a beautiful landscape of oceans, mountains with plenty of palm trees. A song about going through the rough times and coming out on the other side of something amazing. Go after your dream, it's bigger than you can imagine. Now, it's your turn to find your point of no return. www.toddbarrowmusic.com 

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From the wilds of Austin, Texas to the lights of Music City, BONNIE WHITMORE has been steadily honing her chops. That hard work paid off in spades with her new album "Last Will And Testament" including a song with an old-fashioned sound evocative of Motown with a hint of Country Americana giving it a sarcastically 'happy-go-lucky' tone that makes Bonnie's anger palpable. The cheery cymbals in the chorus create an eerie juxtaposition between the music and the lyrics. "Asked For it" is a real hard look at the nature of rape culture that blames the victim. Like so many of her songs, Bonnie Whitmore's intention here is not to preach but rather to inspire discussion and reflexion. www.bonniewhitmore.com

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A band from Texas with a mid-tempo rocker. Outlaw country sounding guitar riffs and easy on the ears vocals, TRENT COWIE BAND is on the road to becoming a staple in the Lone Star music scene. "Drive"'s melancholy subtetly makes it easy to get lost in thought while focusing on the song. www.trentcowieband.com


ARIEL HUTCHINS : Wine Won't Work

Texas singer songwriter and performing artist, her music celebrates her West Texas heritage and embodies her love of country music past and present. Upon graduation from high school, Ariel formed her own band and began playing honkytonks, bars and festivals throughout the state. Through her songs, Ariel hopes to encourage those following her to pursue their every aspiration as she has , whether it be for bright lights or white picket fences... or both. www.arielhutchinsmusic.com


BALSAM RANGE : Rivers, Rains And Runaway Trains

Even with all the Awards, The # 1 Hits and more than a decade of steady success, what matters most for BALSAM RANGE is a song, a message, a distinctive sound and a compelling performance. As usual, a Miller/Husband tune beautifully interpreted by Balsam Range's smooth vocals and modern Bluegrass style. Another jewel ! www.balsamrange.com


BILLIE JO : Simpler Way of Life

30 year old singer songwriter BILLIE JO is well on her way of establishing herself as one of Texas country's upcoming artist to watch. She has won numerous singing competitions and continues to make a name for herself. A personal highlight for her was opening for Ray Price, an artist she remembers listening to with her grandparents who is one of her biggest inspiration. "Simpler way of Life", her current single,  is making its way up The Texas Country Music Charts. www.billiejomusic.com

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CURTIS GRIMES : Still A Little Country Left

Like Thousands of guys, CURTIS GRIMES started singing sad songs after he broke up with his girlfriend. But unlike most of them, he was good enough to make a living off his music after he got over his heartbreak. His latest single "Still A Little Country Left" was originally recorded by late Daryle Singletary. Tributing the song, Curtis made an honest rendition. www.curtisgrimes.com


SANDEE JUNE : Somewhere Between Hell And A Honky Tonk

She grew up listening to her parents music -Michael Martin Murphey, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens and Elton John. She admits she has Classic Rock in her soul but when she sings, it always 'comes out country'. Maybe that's because time spent with her grandparents always included listening to Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, two of her all-time music heroes. There's no doubt, you can hear the influences of these two country music icons every time she steps up to a microphone. At 50, with grit and determination, SANDEE JUNE decided to start a new chapter, living her dream, dreaming Big, create her own path and never detour. Sandee's silky-smoothtone draws in listeners and instantly connects them to the powerful lyrics. www.sandeejunemusic.com

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