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BRAD RUSSELL BAND : Let Him Break My Heart

The band started out with Brad's Dad on bass and his son on drums. They spent the first few years on the road making more mmeories than money. Sometimes musical inspiration comes from past wounds we carry around. "Let Him Break My Heart" is A killer song based upon a real life experience of Brad's. Great country tune ! www.bradrussellband.com

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CHASSEPAREIL : L'Oiseau Sur La Montagne

CHASSEPAREIL is a flowering plant from North America and it is also the name of a group from the region of the Saguenay territory in Quebec. With a candid naturalness, the quartet offers a measured indie-folk, which draws on both the flutes and the vocal harmonies of the 70s and in a melodic folk with a disarming lyricism.
The harmonic flights support a boreal poetry which draws up an intimate topography of departures and arrivals, improvised detours and impromptu stopovers.
This story, "The Bird on The Mountain", tells of a renewal, that of a lovestory that becomes something else over time. Close your eyes... www.chassepareil.bandcamp.com

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LOVE & CHAOS : Wildflower

Nestled somewhere between the beauty of love and the turmoil of chaos comes the unique sound from Texas artists and long-time co- collaborators, AJ Vallejo & Kendall Beard. On their debut EP "Love & Chaos", AJ & Kendall bring different styles to the table and somehow manage to consistently find middle ground as they create fresh & exciting music together. Their first single/video Ready For War mixes a funky backbeat groove with big harmonies, while their second single Wildflower (co-written w/ TX friend, Willy Braun of Reckless Kelly) swings Americana & roots-rock together effortlessly without sounding contrived. www.loveandchaosmusic.com

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COURTNEY PATTON : Never On The Hurting End

Courtney Patton is a force of personality. She makes you feel whatever she is feeling. Most of the time that is a jovial, life of the party hubris that makes everyone happier than before they saw, heard or listened to her.
Courtney Patton also knows how to lean into the sad stuff too. When you combine this duality with her ability to sing circles around most, you discover what truly makes her a special songwriter and performer.
The unique thing being that Patton infuses each lyric with personal joy, grief, pain, elation and wonder. She wrote them with emotional power and sings them even more powerfully. www.courtneypatton.com



PATSY P : Never Give up Never Give in

Her voice is so pure and catches your heart and ears. All the way from Normandy, PATSY P. is back with a new single. It's a personal message to all people who try to see the light and will succeed one day in their romantic, friendly, professional or musical journey. Never give up because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. At first , You might think that the lyrics of this song are talking to people looking for true love, but in fact, there are several meanings, several readings.
As PATSY says : "Even if it's hard, long and tedious to be fully recognized, music and I are a couple, she is with me every day ! When I sing "Together, Things will be better", I think of music. What I also like about this song is the fact that the listeners can interpret it in their own way !" www.patsyp76.wixsite.com/patsyp

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GERRIE & RON : Little Darling Dance With Me

Dutch Duo GERRIE & Ron is coming back with a new song and new production. “Little Darling Dance With Me” is a wonderful Americana song with influences of the Texas Tornados with a very small touch of The Mavericks. The beautiful arrangements immediately give you that Mexican cantina feeling, that guarantees fun, delicious food, drinks and music that makes you wanna dance.

Get your dancin' boots on ! www.gerrie-and-ron.jimdosite.com

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"Molly Burns" is a modern bluegrass murder ballad from Crandall Creek, a multi-generational bluegrass band based in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, that has accomplished one of the rarest feats in the music industry – harder even than keeping a family band together as the siblings become adults. They have evolved in a few short years from a casual, part time group that performed primarily to spread good cheer, to a touring and recording act making noise in the bluegrass world. www.crandallcreek.com


AARON WATSON : The Old Man Said

Aaron Watson’s independent spirit and strong work ethic are symbolic of the western lifestyle; virtues which have taken him from humble honky-tonk roots to a bona fide fixture in the country music landscape.
With Release of Reverent New Single “The Old Man Said” focuses on the value of living a satisfied life with people you love,  as opposed to a materially successful one, The Texas singer spreads wisdom of old men. www.aaronwatson.com

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