DENNIS ALAN : The Last Cowboy

An occasional singer and guitar slinger, DENNIS ALAN began writing about his life experiences, eventually starting his own band. He began making a studio album in the late 1990's but the band broke up before it was finished. He gave up on his dream. Nearly twenty years later, Dennis answered a simple phone call. It had been 30 years since he had heard the voice of his daughter but there it was. She encouraged him to finish that long lost album. Time for a second chance. Dennis thinks he is one of the last cowboys, the last of a dying breed. Country life ain't what it used to be and neither is modern country music. His songs tell his story and he hopes they take people back to those old ranch roads and dance halls. Real Roots in Real Country ! www.dennisalancountry.com


ROD McCORMACK : Another Tinsel Town

After years of producing award winning records for an eclectic mix of artists in pop, country, rock, electronic and more; Aussie musician ROD McCORMACK is stepping out front with his debut release "Fingertips" recorded in Nashville with an all-star backing band. The very melodic and acoustic  album definitely distills the varied influences McCormack asquired over the years. www.rodmccormack.com


KIN FAUX : Teadrops on The Rocks

A band of 4 talented musicians on a mission to put "western" back in country music. While they do pay tribute to country legends like Haggard, Cash and Jennings, the heavy influence of the band comes from Today's Texas music scene. Their brand of Texas Red Dirt music can also be described as industrial Dirt music. www.kinfaux.com  A Radio Hit Friendly !


CHUCK MEAD : Billy Doesn't Know He's Bad

After leading several popular 80's cult bands in and around his hometown in Kansas, CHUCK MEAD landed on Nashville's Lower Broadway where he co-founded the famed '90's Alternative country quintet BR5-49. Then, Chuck went on a solo career. His latest effort "Close To Home" is like the best jukebox you ever heard in a country bar. There are precious few artists keeping the sound of classic honky tonk alive in today's fractured marketplace. "Billy Doesn't Know He's Bad" has a weird lyrical twist that shows sympathy for an outlaw with mental problems. The song follows a Roger Miller country approach but with the crafty attitude of Warren Zevon in the arrangement. You can depend on Chuck Mead to keep the Honky Tonking fires alive and burning. www.chuckmead.com


JODY BOOTH : Life of My Love

His DNA is made of music, literally. Born into a very long line of musical prodigies going back several generations, he was raised in the small East Texas Town of Livingston where he still resides today. Jody's vocal and songwriting talents are also remarkable. Extremely proud to be called a Country artist, Jody has dedicated his career to create what he calls real Country Music. www.jodyboothmusic.com

EAGLE ♥ !!!



Enchanting and divine rendition. Penned by Julie Miller and recorded by Emmylou Harris on her career-defining 1995 album "Wrecking Ball", this song gave JAELEE ROBERTS the opportunity to show her talents. At 17, she makes the song her own with chill-including vocals straight from the Tennessee Hills. She's part of the next generation continuing a family tradition. A beautiful shining rising star ! www.jaeleerobertsmusic.com


MATT MERCADO : I Should've Never Left Mexico

He has been on a horse before he could walk and has become a true horseman in his own right. Matt has been singing all his life but did not take it seriously until the age of 14 when he picked up the guitar and taught himself how to play. In 2018, he auditioned for the TV show The Voice in Houston but chose not to take that route but to take the Music City route. There, he met and worked with the best songwriters and cut demos with Hall of Fame session musician the industry has to offer. www.facebook.com/mattmercado101


MARK SEBBY : Friday Night

After many bands and projects, MARK SEBBY is currently focusing on his performances and songwriting. A touch of Blues and Rock and hints of traditional Country. Round that out with Americana highlights and a dash of soul. www.marksebbymusic.com






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