From the fabulous concept album "America", retracing some episodes of the History of the United States, the song "Uncle Sam" evokes the Vietnam War Syndrome and the damage done to American youth at the time. The Swiss country rocker sings here a pretty ballad which gives a little lightness to this heavy tale, thanks to the arrangements. www.paulmacbonvin.com

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KEVIN McCOY BAND : Moonlight

With a style that lands somewhere between Bruce Springsteen and Ronnie Milsap, KEVIN's rock and R&B influences are apparent in his singing style but that unmistakable voice belongs in country music. The Kevin McCoy Band is made up of A-list talent. The screeching guitars, penetrating bass and wide-open vocals combine for a unique sound that will leave you wanting more. www.kevinmccoyband.com



Fast rising Texas country artist GEORGE NAVARRO releases his 2nd single called "Lost in A Kiss" showcasing George's roots and heritage by bringing in the sounds of his native home Mexico. That Spanish guitar ! While continuing his journey into country music, George Navarro hopes to add one more George alongside the legendary crooners George Jones and George Strait. All signs seem to say he's heading in the right direction. www.georgenavarro.net

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TRACY MILLAR : Loretta's Moonshine

Her musical road is a country one. Hailing from Alberta, Canada, TRACY MILLAR comes from a world far away from those where an artist's career is shaped by listener and audience survey, wardrobe consultants and the myriad of variables that the music business insists are necessary to drive a career. In a time when social gatherings seem a thing of the past, "Loretta's Moonshine" is a wonderful reminder of the way it was. Having fun with friends, dancing and celebrating life in general. It's about getting back to the basics and an escape to a down home barn dance and simpler times. www.tracymillar.ca


MILAN MILLER : Ruby Still Falls

We're always happy to see a new single from MILAN MILLER. Even before listening for the first time, we can be sure that the song will be clever, crisply written and performed to a high standard. And, so it is with "Ruby Still Falls", a modern day murder ballad. Like most of the slaying songs in the bluegrass tradition, it involves a jilted lover taking his revenge but instead of a mournful dirge, this one tells the story with a fast talking lyric. www.milanmillermusic.com


ROSE CITY BAND : Lonely Places

Cosmic country rock out of Portland, Oregon. Inspired by rambles through the mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest and by the music of West Coast Legends like Merle Haggard, Gram Parsons and Michael Hurley, "Lonely Places" is the first single from ROSE CITY BAND. Capturing the sheer joy and freedom of losing oneself in nature, an ode to the wealth of natural beauty the West Coast provides as well as the importance of appreciating wild, open spaces. www.facebook.com/TheRoseCityBand

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THE WILD WEST : Better Way

Calling themselves THE WILD WEST, six of the most treasured female singer-songwriters in Los Angeles, have forged a strong bond of friendship that led them to write and record their new song "Better Way". The song came out of a desire to bring more ideas of unity and hope into our troubled times. A lyrical vision of Hope.  Pretty wild girls all dancing on the edge to express themselves. As The Wild West band has no lead singer, there's an opportunity for harmony, here. A lovely sisterhood thats flows so naturally between women. "Better Way" is merely the start of this special collaboration. www.thewildwestmusic.com


ALAN JACKSON : Where Have You Gone

Sweet Country Music, please come back Home ! On his brand new single "Where Have You Gone", ALAN JACKSON mourns the death of traditional country music. No more steel guitars, fiddle or words from the heart. The authentic Honky Tonk Hero reiterates his position lamenting the death of old-school country while simultaneously breathing new life into it. "Real country songs are life and love and heartache, drinking and Mama and having a good time but it's the sound of the instruments, too", tells Alan. The country superstar is coming back on May 14th with his 16th studio album containing 21 songs. www.alanjackson.com

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