JON PARDI : Night Shift

Well known for his blend of traditional and modern country, Jon Pardi effortlessly combines the old with the new for his 12-song sophomore release "California Sunrise".
As a songwriter, he's always looking for a good story and looking to push the limits.
"Night Shift" is a nod to blue-collar night owls who clock in at midnight and head home around breakfast time.
A topic worthy of a Springsteen song or is it an euphemism that Pardi uses for something a little more frisky : talking about sex ?
Anyway, country audience will love the melody and his vocal hillbilly style. www.jonpardi.com


ASHLEY McBRYDE : Radioland

Her new single gives Thanks for radio and ackknowledges the impact it had on the singer's early life in small town America. A song about growing up without TV or internet and instead relying on what was playing on the airwaves. www.ashleymcbryde.com



She's taking over the radio waves with her catchy songs and clever lyrics from her recently released EP, “The Story of Her Life.”
Full of energy and spunk, Beth is wooing the hearts of audience members everywhere she goes.
"All I Need",  the new single,  is a fun- loving track with a wholesome quality.
The positive vibes pick up in the mid-section when she starts flying on the vocals, and it all ends on a good note. www.bethnoblemusic.com

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Wilson's crystalline vocals are pensive and filled with a touch of dead-tired exhaustion (in a good way).
She's missing her family and you hear it in her voice. It's what defines "The Being Gone" : introspective and melancholic.

Texas music singer, songwriter, spirit animal, and general badass woman Jamie Lin Wilson has announced her latest album "Jumping Over Rocks". It comes at a time when Texas music is looking for headliner-caliber women, and looking in the direction of Jamie Lin. www.jamielinwilson.com

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WHITEHORSE : Who's Been Talkin'

Canadians Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet are known for their innovative performances. They aren’t afraid to take a risk on stage.
Their music often gets pegged as bluesy Americana. For his new project, the couple makes a return to the early days of electric blues, melding original grooves and melodies with the duo’s steamy, swampy, squalling approach.
The lead-off track and first single is their version of Howlin’ Wolf’s 1957 classic "Who's been talkin'". www.whitehorsemusic.ca


THE MARTIAL : Live This Life

Hailing from the The Netherlands, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mart van den Bighelaar is better known by his moniker, The Martial who embodies the dual nature of his hometown Breda between urban and rural environments .

The Martial creates an invigorating blend of styles that can best be described as European country pop.
His heart-on-the-sleeve positivity and desire to live in the moment set him apart at a time when cynicism and self-absorption seemingly abound. www.themartial.nl

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ROBYNN SHAYNE : Hell Broke Loose

As an independent artist, Robynn proves she is a force to be reckoned with in the EP "Coffee Days And Whiskey Nights". Her infectious sound and relatable lyrics will have listeners replaying all six tracks over and over.
Her  latest single "Hell Broke Loose" has a story line very much like Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye Earl".
The story of the female done with being abused by her significant other and chooses to take matters in her own hands. While the story line may not be new, Shayne finds a way to make the song and story feel new and creates a sound that has you taking in each and every word.
The featured fiddle in this one is the cherry on the cake.

It is evident Robynn Shayne has a bright future and a name country music should get real used to seeing.   www.robynnshayne.com

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At best, a debut album presents a band well on the way to finding their sound, rarely does it showcase a band with a signature sound already in place and in this case, it seems to certainly be the latter. The album… the band… the front-man all offer the listener a fresh, yet mature sound that we could envision cranking out a bountiful catalog for years to come.
Most notable is the vulnerability in Abshier’s voice that really allows the listener to connect emotionally with the lyrical offerings. www.sheaabshierandthenighthowlers.com

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