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DANNY BOUDREAU : Le Dernier Texaco

One of Acadie's most prolific songwriters is back with an eleventh album: "Crossing the Desert" to be released this fall. Here is the first single "The Last Texaco", a catchy song that transports us to Mexico.
Like an invaluable gift, without unnecessary effects, He delivers there the essential, the purity of his art.

Good Value !


BLACKHAWK : Blue Highway

BLACKHAWK Is bringing the ’90s back with new "Blue Highway" album.
The new project of never-before-heard songs from the early days of their career.
BlackHawk’s original lineup featured Henry Paul, Dave Robbins, and the late Van Stephenson,
The 12 tunes, which were recorded in 1992, feature vocals from Henry, Dave, and Van.
The songs were recently mixed and mastered with the addition of bass, drums, electric guitar, and mandolin.
The album abounds with top-shelf songwriting, even with its vintage feel of lush Eagles’ hooks and vibrant West Coast harmonies, the music still sounds fresh.
Filled with inventive guitar hooks and rollicking rhythms, this is a wonderful set of muscular,
yet breezy, country-rock and country lamentations delivered with a whole lot of soul.

A Catchy Song !


TIMOTHY B.SCHMIT : Taste Like Candy

Much like his band, Eagles, TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT is not a particularly prolific creature when it comes to putting out music. He's released just seven solo albums during the past 38 years.
But when Schmit does put something out, he usually makes it worth the wait - as is the case with "Day by Day". The 12-song set displays smooth, easygoing confidence alongside its broad stylistic reach.

“Tastes Like Candy” is a shot of pure 70s radio bliss. It’s got a little Eagles to the verse but opens up into a more pop-informed chorus that’s soulful and memorable. The result is a song that expresses everything about Timothy B. Schmit that makes him unforgettable all at once.

EAGLE ♥ !!!


LUCAS JAMES : Hometown Dust Cloud

LUCAS JAMES is bringing back the attitude in Country Music.
With his debut single, « Hometown Dust Cloud », He remembers his young love moving away from their small town to pursue her dreams.
A North Carolina native, LUCAS JAMES mixes his Southern Rock and R&B influences to make his distinct contemporary country sound. www.facebook.com/lucasgjamesmusic

Eagle Discovery !



KEVIN FULLEN began singing country music in the 1980’s and soon fronted a country band performing at VFW Halls, Eagles and Moose Lodges, local Jamborees and special events.
In 1993 Kevin signed with Tab Records and continued to write and perform.
Shortly thereafter, Kevin began to suffer from a decline in hearing, making it difficult to perform.
As they say, life happened, and Kevin’s career went on hold. Now, with all the wonderful advances in personal earing aid devices,
Kevin is ready to pick up where he left off.
Discover his brand new single called "Denver".

A Radio Hit Friendly !


LARISSA BOYD : Alone In Your Mind

A new sound in Texas Country!!
LARISSA BOYD in a young independent Texas singer songwriter just starting her journey,
and we can already say, it will be an amazing one.
Boyd plays multiple instruments, including guitar, piano, and ukulele.
Throughout her career to date, Boyd has tried to create a distinct sound to distance herself from the pop country so common on today’s radio.
Boyd’s acoustic performances are much like her songs — upbeat and lively — with people swaying along to the music and having a good time.
She recently released “Alone in Your Mind,” her newest original song.
It’s very emotional and vulnerable. It’s very real. There is a lot of truth in the song. www.larissaboydmusic.com



JAMES ROBERT WEBB : Lovesick Driftin Cowboy

Lovesick Drifting Cowboy" was inspired by Hank Williams.
The title is a nod to his band, the Drifting Cowboys, and his famous cover of "Love Sick Blues" which he recorded against the wishes of his producer Fred Rose.
According to JAMES ROBERT WEBB, when you listen to this Up-tempo driving song , you can see Hank's band traveling in their old bus down that dusty Lost Highway–like an old desert road with tumbleweeds blowing past a cactus.
"Lovesick Drifting Cowboy"  is a solid song withthat southern rock country vibe.
Rebel attitude !



Clay Walker is a fan of her and says she's “A vulnerable, yet believable voice, this pure needs to be heard on the radio. TEMPLETON THOMPSON is one of the True undiscovered talents.
Templeton is a Nashville's session vocalist having sung countless demos as well as background vocals for major label artists. She has performed on stage for audiences across the US, in Europe and in Japan.
Her love for horses along with her passion for music has made Templeton a favorite at major horse expos as well as National and International horse events.
She continues writing, recording, touring and riding," she loves what she gets to do for a livin', and she's a blessed & grateful hippie chic cowgirl!"
TEMPLETON THOMPSON is coming back with a brand new 2022 release, "Get Back Up." www.templetonthompson.com







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