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KAITLIN BUTTS : What Else Can She Do

There’s just a confidence behind the voice of KAITLIN BUTTS that puts her in her own elite league, paired up with an emotional expressiveness that takes it far beyond some sort of athletic display. So many singers shy away from the sweetest, and most challenging notes of their register, worried they will falter. But Kaitlin Butts is fearless, charging forward, full volume in the mix so her words penetrate far past the rib cage and leave the internal organs and mortal soul stirred well past the expiration of the music itself. Kaitlin Butts is a breath of fresh air in the Country Americana landscape. With "What Else Can She Do", she sets herself up to be the genre’s next breakout star, sure to astound audiences with her brilliant storytelling and a voice to match. Tulsa-born, she uses her music to navigate complex narratives like generational trauma, abuse and dashed dreams. Juxtaposing such heavy lyrical content with rich pedal steel and her textured, dynamic vocal range, Kaitlin can creep into the hearts of both the most traditional of country lovers and the newer wave of 20-something listeners. www.kaitlinbutts.com

20 WEST : Just Go Away

A Texas Country band formed and based in Fort Worth, Tx by Shawn Fitzgerald and Pete Franco, formerly of Flatline Road, with the intentions of bringing their vision to life through the songs they were writing. Within the first week, they had their first song and first single "Bringing Me Back Home" written and recorded. A second song," Just Go Away" was written a day later and also recorded. Then, after seeing what they had created, they decided to form the band itself. The name was decided upon after singer Shawn was driving home from seeing good friend Rachel Stacy. He lived at the time off of I-20 West. He immediately texted Pete that he found the right name for the band. And so it began. Next, Tyler King, a Nebraska native was added on drums. Tyler brought in good friend and bassist (also a great guitarist) Jeremy Russell. Their upcoming EP "Bringing Me Back Home" will be available in early june. www.20westtx.com


He has built an acclaimed country music career defined by his tireless work ethic, deep sense of humility, and undeniable country roots. Passionate about using music to inspire hope. In 2022, Coffey had his Grand Ole Opry debut and received three standing ovations during his performance, something that has never happened before at the Opry. He was also recognized by the prestigious Texas Country Music Awards as the Badass of the Year. www.coffeyanderson.com
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CONDIO : We Dream California

Italian singer performing country, western and blues on his new album Better to die in Texas. His deep and warm voice tells the story of songs of The West. We Dream California is about a man who is bored of the relationship with his wife and decides to go away to California The West Coast version of the dolce vita ! www.facebook.com/umberto.dicondio.5
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IRENE KELLEY : Yellow Brock Highway

Veteran bluegrass singer and songwriter IRENE KELLEY has a fifth single from her current "Snow White Memories" album. Like all of her songs, it pairs a memorable melody with insightful lyrics, produced in the most professional way a bluegrass number could be cut. Anyway, we are never disappointed with the songs of IRENE KELLEY. www.irenekelley.com
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GENE REEVES : Barely Hanging On

GENE REEVES was born in San Antonio and raised blue collar, gettin' into trouble and earning a hard living working under the blazing Texas sun. Gene's interests took a turn toward country music. His tribute set of Johnny Cash covers connected his punk background to a whole new world. He found himself taking deep dives into everything from Ray Price and Townes Van Zant to Johnny Bush and bluegrass music from watching reruns of Beverly Hillbillies as a young child. It's Bluegrass that has especially entwined itself into Reeves' post-punk songwriting. While you can hear the Honky Tonk grit of Merle Haggard in Gene's voice, the music has an unmistakable imprint and bounce that brings to mind the sounds of Bill Monroe and Flatt & Scruggs. These days you'll still find Gene outdoors, but by his own choosing. His love of nature frequently takes him out and about, winding his way through rural Texas backroads. Since 2015 he's criss-crossed the Central Texas Hill Country from Blanco to Cibolo, playing shows both as a solo act and with his band Gene Reeves and Co. www.genereeves.com

CAITLIN CANNON : Amarillo And Little Rock

Nashville Songwriter CAITLIN CANNON listened a lot to The Judds, Lee Ann Womack and everything on the country radios of the 90s. Amarillo and Little Rock is a cathartic voyage from the Texas Panhandle to the deep south by car. As the singer reflects on a misspent life spent always running away from everything, she’s pulled over by a state trooper who questions her sobriety. The song’s denouement comes with Cannon realizing that instead of running all the time she needs to just stop where she is for a moment and take time out, somewhere between Amarillo and Little Rock. www.caitlincannonmusic.com


One of EAGLE COUNTRY RADIO's favorites, Americana Swedish band SIGVARD, discovered in 2018 with his Hippie Noir- comes backwith a new album and a surname which has expanded. From now on, we must say SIGVARD & THE BONEWHISPERS. New musicians surround JONAS JOPPE HELLERUP (he left Stockholm for the surroundings of Gothenburg. The Ballad of St. Catherine of Clare is a dynamic Americana mix that spans twangy blues rock and rootsy American/Irish folk with a dash of Swedish musical tradition. The revealing lyrics on classic country themes take you on a dark journey through demons, addiction and unrequited love. Jonas' sad voice and lyrics are usually the center of attention, but Samuel Lundström's soulful violin and Martín Poblete's sensitive harmonica, along with banjo, mandolin, pedal steel and other instruments, get plenty of space when the opportunity arises. www.facebook.com/sigvardmusic www.facebook.com/sigvardmusic


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