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This Americana, alt-country group from Canada shows no signs of slowing down as they continue to develop their sound and grow their audience. They call it a Cosmic Country Disco track that was inspired by the country artists from the ’70s that they love. Dolly Parton, Flying Burrito Brothers and Glen Campbell. “Rhinestoned” is about getting dressed up in your best country threads and getting lost on the dance floor, referencing the iconic “Nudie Suit” and going out on the town like Gram and Emmylou. Let's go back to that era and remember dancing at the roller rink, the twinkling mirror balls and neon lights. So, “Get high, high, and rhinestoned” while enjoying this tune. www.theredhillvalleys.com
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From the heart of Nashville's vibrant music scene, SARAH GAYLE MEECH has emerged as a captivating force. Since moving to Tennessee over a decade ago, the city’s spirit has woven itself into that emotive sound, infusing it with the soul of country music’s past, as Meech looks towards the future. With her forthcoming LP, "Easin’ On", she delivers a gut-punching collection of songs that speak to making peace with herself, and finding love - and life - again. For an artist whose catalog brims with love songs from a sad perspective, “Love Me” is about finding joy and happiness again. www.sarahgaylemeech.com

DAVE SMITH & PATTY VETTA : Don't Drain Our Water

Lincolnshire singer songwriters DAVE SMITH & PATTY VETTA have released a new album called "Flatlands". A stunning collection of folky songs inspired by The Fens located in Eastern England, the history of it's changes and the people who grew up there. www.davesmithmusic.co.uk
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AARON DEAN : Ain't Always A Goodbye

From Hamilton, Ontario to the sweeping vistas of Alberta, AARON DEAN's musical journey began with a touch of nostalgia, playing on his father's guitar. He's become the beacon of indie country,The charismatic Canadian country singer with an impressive voice. His latest single, 'Ain't Always A Goodbye,' showcases not only his rich vocal range but also his deep passion, evident in the lyrics and the instrumental arrangement. www.aarondeancountry.ca

JERRY CORMIER : Nashville, Tennessee

Acadian at soul, Quebecois at heart, to celebrate his 50 years of artistic life, JERRY CORMIER has released the album "Sous le Même Ciel que Toi" ("Under the Same Sky as You". Original songs and favorite tracks re-recorded with a country, Cajun and Acadian flavors. About ten years ago, Jerry wrote a song called “Nashville Tennessee” that has been stuck in his head ever since. He had always intended to record it, but it would not happen until after his first trip to Nashville, the famous Music City. Today, this dream has come true! This song is much more than just a melody; it’s an ode to perseverance and pursuing your dreams, no matter the difficulties encountered along the way. Jerry reminds us that it is never too late to realize your ambitions and that every experience, even painful, can lead to the creation of meaningful works. Let's follow your dreams ! www.jerrycormier.com

DEAN PAUL WILLEFORD : Let The Jukebox Play

From the plains of North Texas where he was born, down the borders of Mexico where he learned to survive, and to the oceans where he was loved. From there, he will take you on journeys that will enrapture you. Songs that make you think, make you love and make you feel. It’s pure, it’s true, it’s singer songwriter DEAN PAUL WILLEFORD. His stories of Texas grit and love come from his life that will keep you wanting more and more. The lore, like a glass of fine wine, gets better with age. He's making his way through the Texas scene with a hot new song. It's a little Rock a little Country : “Let The Jukebox Play”. www.deanpaulwilleford.com
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BALSAM RANGE : Echo Canyon

They say the only thing constant is change and after some 15 years of music making with their original lineup, change finally came last year for western North Carolina’s BALSAM RANGE. Now, with the release of “Kinetic Tone”, their 10th collection for Mountain Home Music Company, the group puts an exclamation point on their embrace of the new as they welcome mandolin virtuoso Alan Bibey to the award-winning quintet. Their latest release “Echo Canyon” is set in California after the gold rush. www.balsamrange.com

RANDY TRAVIS : Where That Came From

RANDY TRAVIS is officially “Back in the Saddle” with Brand-New Song “Where That Came From”. By whatever means, his silky smooth baritone sounds just as warm and inviting today as it did when he stepped into the booth to cut “Diggin’ Up Bones” and other classics nearly forty years ago. The song is out now, and Travis’s longtime producer, Kyle Lehning, revealed that the pair utilised Artificial Intelligency technology to clone Travis’s voice over another singer’s vocals. It sounds good because it’s built on Randy Travis’ voice. Maybe more importantly, someone who has worked closely with him since "Storms of Life" was deeply involved in the process. Lehning and Travis have been a dream team for longer than some of the fans have been alive. www.randytravis.com
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